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Welcome to FarmHydro Concord! 

greens and reds 

 Andover Farm Greens is moving to Concord, MA! Under the new name FarmHydro Concord, a team of experienced growers, engineers, and agriculture experts will use hydroponic farming techniques to harvest high-quality produce for local chefs, restaurants, and supermarkets. You can support this move and reserve fresh greens for your table by signing up for the FarmHydro CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

FarmHydro Concord's Approach

FarmHydro Concord uses greenhouses that have been designed to ensure complete control of the hydroponic growing environment — light, temperature, humidity, CO2, and nutrition, which ensures high product quality. Automated greenhouses provide tailored environments that maximize each crop's growth and performance. The crops are protected against inclement weather and extreme weather events ensuring reliable and consistent yields year-round. Sophisticated computer control systems manage heating, cooling, irrigation and plant nutrition under the direction of our expert growers.


FarmHydro Concord's proximity to its customers eliminates the need for long-distance, refrigerated food transportation, while improving quality and lengthening shelf-life. We sharply reduce transportation fuel consumption and the associated carbon emissions and air pollution.

Our Greens


Beleah Rose

Boston Butter Crunch


Green Towers Romaine

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Green Salad Bowl


Arugula & Cilantro
Lolla Rossa Darkness
Baby Spinach